GLP have secured a six-figure sum for a lady who was the victim of historic sexual abuse by her father.

She instructed GLP to submit an application to the Criminal Injuries Compensation authority (the ‘CICA’) and was initially offered only £45,650 for the physical and sexual abuse suffered. GLP advised her to Review this Decision, which is the first stage of the process to challenge awards made.

A second offer was made at £28,650, remarkably less than the first. The CICA had actually lowered the amount offered as compensation for the physical and sexual abuse, based on a lower tariff award (the table they use to calculate injury awards) than their original offer, which does not happen very often.

The lady was advised by GLP’s Jo-Anna Walmsley to take the case to an Appeal and who successfully managed to secure her an award of six-figures. The Tribunal agreed with GLP in the arguments made regarding the tariff awards and also on loss of earnings, that GLP had asked to be taken into account. Mrs Walmsley said, “I am so pleased that I was able to help this lady recover what was due to her. Unfortunately, I have to advise on many similar cases such as this one where the CICA do not correctly apply the Scheme that they work to and offer too little. I am always happy to ask the Tribunal to intervene in those circumstances, as they did in this case.

GLP have a specialist team waiting to help with applications to the CICA and you should not hesitate to contact us confidentially on 0800 138 6061 or by email at so that we can guide and advise you.