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It is a sad inevitability that all businesses at some point will encounter some manner of problem. 

These problems can arise in an infinite number of scenarios, from a Shareholder falling out with the Directors and Shareholders of the company to a simple contractual dispute for the provision of goods.

​Our experienced specialists  endeavour to resolve disputes using the many mechanisms available, such as mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution, but will represent you in any formal Court or Tribunal proceedings if required.  We will always endeavour to keep your commercial interests in mind.  Most matters do not progress to Court and we believe that it is in a Client’s interest to avoid Court proceedings wherever possible.  They are by their very nature lengthy, stressful and our specialists are therefore not only experienced in dealing with Court procedure and strategy but also in dealing with and brokering sensible and amicable settlements with third parties, as well as sometimes acting as an intermediary to assist parties to reach their own terms of settlement.

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Our Dispute Resolution Team is technically extremely strong and has experience in dealing with all types of matter, ranging from simple boundary disputes up to cross-jurisdiction and multi-million pound matters.

​Our Specialists are skilled in negotiation, experienced in Mediation and are extremely capable Advocates in Court.

​It is an unfortunately inevitability that all businesses at some point during their lifetime will endure some type of dispute.  The security you need is knowing that you have a strong team of legal professionals to support you during that difficult time, to manage the process, control the costs and prevent the matter from becoming unnecessarily stressful for you.

​GLP Solicitors has a strong reputation for dealing with disputed matters in an expeditious and proportionate manner and will always make sure that your commercial objectives are maintained.

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