Debt Services

We offer a streamlined debt service

Here at GLP we recognise the need of our Clients for an efficient, cost effective method of collecting debts.

We have developed a streamlined service that allows us to quickly and efficiently pursue debts owed to your business whilst ensuring that the overall cost to you is kept to an absolute minimum.

We believe that each client’s case should be considered in isolation, not as part of a debt factory. We therefore offer a bespoke service tailored to your business for the recovery of debts. You have complete control over the process, in terms of fees, timescales, even down to the tone of our letters.

Chasing debts is something that you should not have to do as part of your business. Let us do it for you. Call our corporate debt collection team for a no-obligation conversation about how we can help you streamline your debt collection processes.

We offer this service from our Bury Practice, serving clients all over the country.

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