Did you know that approximately 35% of claims submitted to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (“the CICA”) are rejected each year?

Here are five key tips to ensure that your compensation claim is not rejected:

  1. Check your conviction status before applying for compensation. If you have any unspent convictions, the CICA will refuse your application, regardless of the amount of time that has passed. Seek professional advice if you are uncertain about your conviction status.
  2. Always cooperate with the police when reporting a crime. The CICA may reject your claim if they determine that you did not fully cooperate with law enforcement. IF possible, ensure that the police report is supportive of your claim before submitting it to the CICA.
  3. Don’t assume that your injury automatically qualifies for compensation. Many claims are rejected because the injury does not fall under the 2012 Scheme’s Tariff of injuries. Verify that your injury is eligible for compensation by consulting an experienced CICA lawyer.
  4. Make sure to submit your claim within the allotted time frame. Many claims are rejected because they were not submitted in time. Seek professional advice to ensure that you have a valid reason to claim, even if you do not have all the necessary information.
  5. Claim for what you can prove. Be aware that the CICA will only pay compensation for psychological injuries diagnosed by a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist. Seek advice from a CICA Solicitor before submitting your claim to avoid being rejected due to this requirement.

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